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Membership & Communication


Our team provides credible marketing services, we also offer inclusive solutions from scratch and includes:

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Attentive research

  • Branding & visual concept establishment

  • Congress website establishment

  • SEO & Online advertising

  • Use of social media

  • Online / Offline promotion


We specialize in giving services that based on our strategic visions coming from a talented and creative team members who understand the importance of brand objectivity and consistent help in various marketing channels.



We expertise in hotel selection and we assure your delegates a wide range of hotel choices in the venue city that is up to your preferences that includes easy access of public transportation and local attractions.

We provide reservation reservations both for individual participants and group booking. MTS allow
participants to outlook:

  •  Wide range of hotel choices

  •  Area map with distance from the venue

  • Hotel snapshot galleries

  • Star rating

  • And more.


With easy reservation system our accommodations team will be able to answer all of your relevant questions directly from the website, by email, or phone. Select your choice of event from our Events Calendar.



MTS will help you realise and determine the potential of your association. Our services adapt in meeting your assocaitons’ needs. Whether it be assisting you with a strategic planning process, establishing a sponsorship and fundraising plan, or discovering solutions, we help you expand and polish your inventiveness. Our Association Management provides consultancy services to develop solutions and help you grow with our capability and expertise with analysis, research, and discussion.
The areas we can help you in are:

  • Establishing your membership

  • Maintain your financial strength

  • Connecting you with communities

  • Increase the awareness and reputation of your brand

Registration Management


Our specialised team will manage your registration through website and customized registration page. Your data and payment are collected right away via MTS’s reliable and save system, and registration is open throughout the congress to manage on-site registration. Registration data is easily customised for your requirements, and our registration specialists are available by email and phone to provide clear informations, support, and assistance. Registration stations will be available on-site and the process will not be difficult so that your participant can quickly went ahead and register for your event. Contact our team for selected events if you need support and assistance.

Exhibition Management


MTS has an in-depth management process, reinfored with a spectacular team. Starting from innitial planning to onsite execution, we can assure an excellent execution for your event with extraordinary services.

Planning And Onsite Operation


We proficiently take care of the logistics from the layout area design down to the very last detail. Our team members know their work best and guaranteed to give you an optimum satisfactory. Your exhibitors are our clients, from marketing, to booths and presentations, build and tear down, shipping and storage, we guarantee a trouble-free exhibition for your event. Our commited exhibition management provide:

  • Contact service

  • Develop event are layout plans

  • Take care of logistics starting from shipping down to lodging

  • Comprehend a well-managed, steady exhibition profitability


We will monitor and manage all tasks accordingly following the process that includes ordering exhibition space, ordering supplementary services and viewing orders. Exhibitors can view and revamp bookings online.

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