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At MTS, we accentuate the satisfaction of our clients by delivering great services, and exceptional performance when creating great conferences. With all the financial, logistical, and innovative mind, the successfulness of your conference is guaranteed in the right hands.

Congress Planning


At MTS, we accentuate the satisfaction of our clients by delivering great services, and exceptional performance when creating great conferences. We’ve been doing this since a long time and our experience is remarkable.

Destination & Onsite


One of the most important things with conducting a conference is choosing the perfect location that fits our clients the best. We will help you find the best venue.

Our Staffs will manage the event with undeniable passion and hard work. When it comes to onsite you can really trust MTS as this is the time where we shine the best.

Innovative Technology


We strive to enhance the experience of our clients and the target audience. With great use of technology we will be able to deliver phenomenal experience.

Event Strategy & Marketing


Our team will develop a strategy that can catch the likings of your target audience and let your brand speaks on it owns.

With the help of the social media, our marketing strategy will take advantage of the globalization and use for advertising needs. Our main strategies will involve advertising through social media.

Sponsorship sales & Exhibitions


MTS has developed long term relationship over the past few years alongside our experiences with top notch sponsors and exhibitors.

We handle the logistics excellently with great attention to details as our team knows what is best and prioritize the clients’ need.

Financial Management


We adjust the clients’ budget without minimizing the quality of our work and services.

We established relationships with reliable suppliers that allow us to deliver the best achievable services with potentially lowest price.

E V E N T  M A N A G E M E N T


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