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If your association strive to deliver success then MTS is your answer. We’re experts in helping association to attain your maximum potential with our main goal in giving the greatest satisfactory. We can help improve your association’s performance and giving memorable experiences.

Membership & Communication


MTS provides complete membership management services to strengthen and enlarge the base of its membership base. We are able to give you up-to- date report on membership statistics through stable systems and keep you on track with the membership datas.

With the help of Innovative Technology, not only we are connected but we can keep your base active. We don’t only prioritize results but we also pay attention to process. we give mass communication solutions and advertising for the sake of your growth in your field.

Strategic Planning


With our team’s unswerving support, detailed analysis, assured coordination and of course, strategic management. Maximizing your associaton not only in membership but stability and the growth of your financial are our greatest goals. It’s time to move forward with MTS.

Executive Leadership


We will manage the administration for our clients and give you full support on govervance, programs, and enterprise. We assure your reputation with our productivity and consistently. We will also mantain a transparent environment and help you gain great opportunities from a lot of partners and sponsors.

Thanks to our exceptional experiences, organizing and planning your workshops and seminars by providing great logistical support would be an easy task for us. From small to large gatherings, we will ensure the successfullnes of your seminar or workshops and there will be no room for mistakes. We offer certificates and diplomas and even awards and giveaways. We provide from scratch starting from concept, to content, down to design and final product.

Campaigns & Advocacy


Our team that specialized in making strategies and holding campaigns will prove our non-doubt trustworthy experiences. We will make sure to raise the awareness of the public for your conviction.

Sponsorship & Fundraising


With the current economic climate the help of sponsorship and fundraising are the one of the key for a successfull association. The essential key to gain a sponsorship is to maintain a long term relationshops and it takes a lot of efforts. MTS depends greatly on experiences and connections to form a beneficial relationships for the sake of helping associations garnering potential sponsors. MTS help you reach your goals in sponsorship and fundraising.

Finance & Administration


No need to stressed out over financial as MTS reassure you a fully transparent agreement and handle your financial status. We provide our clients a secure access to confidential finance information, with updates and communication.

Finance transactions are all recorded and documented by the accounting department. Our clients can look forward to well prepared accurate datas as required.

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